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Because children matter, the Leelanau Children's Center provides high quality early childhood educational programs and advocates for children, parents and families. 


The Leelanau Children's Center is a celebration of community spirit and admiration of young children and their families. LCC was founded by a Mom who sought to provide a place where parents and their preschool aged children could play together, learn from one another, and develop relationships. 

Despite decades of growth and program enhancements, these roots remain our primarily philosophical charge: do what we can to help parents and young children flourish. This charge has guided LCC to develop world class early childhood programs that provide nourishing experiences for young children and their families.

The early childhood years are a period of dynamic and extraordinary development. The young child is building his /her brain architecture, learning habits and social skills that will carry him/her through life. We believe that careful attention and deep curiosity about development in these years can make a world of difference to each child.

The people who are nurturing our children are all members of our community and some of them we have known for a long time. As parents, this strengthens our own relationships and connections. LCC helps us be informed, involved and excited to be engaged in our community.
— Scott and Ashley Denoyer, parents

Leelanau Children's Center History

The Leelanau Children's Center was founded when community member Elizabeth "Dee" Glass learned that parents with young children had nowhere to gather and play.

Elizabeth began a playgroup in the basement of the Leland Community United Methodist Church. In 1976 LCC was incorporated under the name Leland Daycare and Nursery School.

The playgroup grew into a morning preschool, then into a full day preschool, then into a full day preschool with a before and after school program. At this point, the program stretched the capacity of the most generous Leland Community United Methodist Church. In 1988, with the support of the church,

a facility designed to house 20 children and 9 staff members was constructed on church property in Leland. Funds for the building were raised locally, with a challenge grant from Miss Sally Reahard.

In the new facility, LCC grew into an accredited family support early childhood education program providing center-based care for toddlers and preschoolers as well as the Parenting Communities outreach program.

In 2006, LCC expanded to offer programming (outreach and center-based) in Northport. In 2009, LCC renovated and expanded the Northport building and grounds to more fully comply with safety and best practices standards.

111 N. Fifth Street, PO Box 317
Leland, MI 49654
(231) 256-7841#1

164 S. High Street
Northport, MI 49670
(231) 386-5144 #2